Thursday, 7 May 2015

Basic trick that can be used at school/college computer labs.

So folks, today I'll be teaching you all a very basic trick that you can try on your school/college lab computers. Well, most of the geeks might know this trick but this page is dedicated to the people who are looking to create a pain in the neck of their dumb teachers/lecturers but just are too dumb themselves to rather go to YouTube and check it out. Anyways, you have entered the right place. You'll learn much groovier shit in the next intervals of time. So yeah, where was I? The trick, right. So, there is thing called a cursor where can you move it to whichever pixel you want on the available screen.A cursor is also called a mouse(PS:For the dumb ones). The cursor can be moved anywhere within the given pixel capacity of your computer/laptop screen. So let's assume you have a Windows OS(Spoiler Alert:Else this shit won't work), so there is a start icon on the bottom-left hand corner of your screen. Click it using your fingers/finger(It doesn't matter), then click Notepad. After clicking notepad type exactly like shown below;
"shutdown t-30s trojan virus detected\c" 
This tricks the computer that a Trojan virus is detected and commands it to shutdown after 30 seconds of time. You save the shit...Kaboom....Each and every time the computer restarts after 30  seconds. There is also an alternate way of doing this:
Right-click your cursor, move the cursor to "New", click "Shortcut", type the shit shown in bold italics above, personalize your icon(My Computer, Internet Explorer etc) and this trick works again.
If you were too dumb to try on your own computers, then buy a new PC. I was messing with you. So just type this shit, it will be all fine:
"shutdown t-30s trojan virus detected-a"\c"
Here "a" stands for abort.
I was typing super swift, so some mistakes might have crept out. I'm always cool with feedback. And for those who still couldn't grasp the aforementioned trick, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I'll personally take the trouble to upload a video of the same. And for my geek and nerdy and knowledge craving friends and others....I'll come next time with some interesting stuff that will keep you....well..interested. Just to provide an insight of my blog, my blog will provide sarcastic articles, codes, virus creation, hacking tips, cloud computing, encryption science and much more groovy stuff without using heavy, posh syllable words so people having a basic understanding of English can read my blog. So Adios for now and thanks for bothering.
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